AHS York Programme



 Current Events and Dates


Next Buddhist Quiet Day 2019

at our usual venue in Heworth, York which has a peaceful garden

Open to those:

involved with AHS, other Buddhist sanghas and anyone interested in this approach

Saturday 9th March 10am to 4pm

Theme: Being present in the moment


Meditation, reading/teaching, discussion, time for contemplation, lunch provided

Facilitated by:

Pamo in consultation with AHS Teacher and Mentor Patrycja Bielak-Smith

For more details and to book a place contact pamomeditation@gmail.com


Rest of 2019 programme to start of May

All Regular Meetings Thursday mornings 9.30 am to 11.30am

Meditation and Discussion

January 3rd

February 7th and 14th

March 14th and 28th

April 25th

May 2nd

Celebratory Shared Meals/Snacks, Full Moon Feasts

Comments from Martin and Fiona both newcomers to our Full Moon Feasts

Thanks for an enlivening Feast meal. It really helped me get in touch with life enhancing thoughts and feelings. Everything came together nicely; it reinvigorated my practice. A supermoon feast meal is the very thing for getting you through the darkest winter days!

I really enjoyed coming to the Full Moon Feast. I was surprised I enjoyed it so much as I was really just coming to support Martin and am really just learning about Buddhism by osmosis ! Thank you. I’ll look forward to the next one.

 Celebratory Full Moon Feast with snacks

February 21st

March 21st

April 18th