hermitage buddhist retreat centre

We are the York group for the Awakened Heart Sangha, a community of international students of Lama Shenpen Hookham.

The Awakened Heart Sangha is a mandala of students, teachers and supporters continually evolving around the core principle of Openness, Clarity and Sensitivity and the path of Awakening for all beings as taught by Lama Shenpen.

The hub of practice for the Sangha is The Hermitage of The Awakened Heart, a sacred space that’s Lama Shenpen’s residence and Buddhist retreat centre in Criccieth, North Wales. The Hermitage hosts regular meditation and teaching days as well as retreats for groups and individuals. Daily meditation sessions are broadcast live from the Hermitage.

For more information about the Hermitage, how to visit it and the events there, see the website www.buddhisthermitage.wales

Students of Lama Shenpen study her ‘Living The Awakened Heart Training’ – an experiential home study course in Meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. The course is tailored especially for Westerners and gives students a comprehensive and structured training in Buddhist meditation, reflection and insight.

The Awakened Heart Sangha has local groups throughout the UK who meet to meditate and practise together, as well as host regular retreat or teaching events, often given by visiting AHS teachers.

We call the type of meditation we practise in the AHS ‘Formless Meditation’.  We use this term to distinguish it from other types of meditation that use imagery or ritual. It’s a deceptively simple practice involving calming the mind, which is akin to mindfulness. By calming the mind we allow space for insights to arise and it’s through insight that the profoundness of the practice begins to reveal itself.

For more information about the Formless Meditation we practise at the AHS and at the York group, visit www.howtomeditate.org.uk

You can also find the AHS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.